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About DTI


Dalvkot Training Institute has taken up an initiative and national drive to turn every MBBS graduate into a postgraduate. To fulfil the goals and aspirations of many of the left-out graduates, and to help those who cannot afford expensive clinical postgraduate seats, and to help aspirants that want to train abroad and return to India, we have rolled out our 'Clinical Primer Program'.

This program is successfully running in Hyderabad and now will be soon Launched in metros. It is a two-year program and will ensure the full training needed for somebody to attain MRCP and MRCS.

The confidence and experience gained in the last few years by running programme at various hospitals, have given us the strength to make the following offer. We will train until MBBS graduates to obtain MRCP (UK) qualification or such other UK qualification with a cap on the fee collected.

The fee being well with in the affordable range and a little over what one can earn during the program, one can certainly aspire to be an MRCP. The Fee is collected on a yearly installment.

For doctors that could not pass MRCP despite best efforts, the offer to train until pass should boost their confidence and comfort. However, this offer is for committed Doctors who are assessed by their attendance and performance. For clinical postgraduates the fee is 50% of the graduate fee. This program can be pursued as part of an external program in which the students will work as DMO's in our partnering hospitals.

The program can also be pursued by students by working in their respective hospitals. We prefer the first as the trainees are with MRCP faculty on a daily basis, however the second option is also with us. I am here with enclosing the registration sheet for the program at Citizens hospital at Hyderabad/Sunshine Hospitals at Hyderabad/ Manipal and Ayush Hospitals at Vijayawada.

who we are

Dalvkot Training Institute is the pioneer in India & Asia in running parallel post graduate programs for international MRCP/MRCS UK qualifications. Till date, we have successfully trained over 500 doctors at various levels to achieve their goals.

DTI is on a national drive to turn every MBBS graduate into a postgraduate. To help many of the left-out graduates, those who cannot afford expensive clinical post graduate seats and aspirants that want to train abroad and return to India, we rolled out our "Clinical Primer Program". The program also aligns to the DNB curriculum and teaching.

Our Awesome Speakers

Motivation, strength and encouragements are the building blocks of a students life and we ensure these through our highly experienced and qualified speakers, because grasping power improves through proper listening and mentoring.